The Time Tunnel: A Tale for All Ages and for the Child in You

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Book Description Crystal Clarity Publishers, Seller Inventory BD Book Description Crystal Clarity Publishers. Book Description Crystal Clarity Pubs, Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Seller Inventory zk Swami Kriyananda. Publisher: Crystal Clarity Publishers , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

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Synopsis About this title Donny and Bobby, two American boys exploring a forest near a tiny Rumanian town, discover a science laboratory in ruins. Review : The Time Tunnel is a fun adventure. Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought.

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John Henry grew up in a world that did not let children stay children for long. Before John Henry was six years old, he was carrying stones for workers building a nearby railroad. By the age of ten, he worked from early in the morning until night. Often, he would stop and listen to the sould of a train far away.

Steel-drivers helped create pathways for the railroad lines. These laborers had the job of cutting holes in rock. They did this by hitting thick steel drills, or spikes. By the time John Henry was a young man, he was one of the best steel-drivers in the country. He could work for hours without missing a beat.

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People said he worked so fast that his hammer moved like lightning. John Henry was almost two meters tall. He weighed more than ninety kilograms. He had a beautiful deep voice, and played an instrument called a banjo.

John Henry married another steel-driver, a woman named Polly Ann. They had a son.

The Time Tunnel: A Tale for All Ages and for the Child in You by Swami Kriyananda

The company asked him to lead workers on a project to extend the railroad into the Allegheny Mountains. The workers made good progress on the project until they started working near Big Bend Mountain in West Virginia. So the workers were told they had to force their drills through it. This meant creating a tunnel more than one-and-one half kilometers long. The project required about one thousand laborers and lasted three years. Pay was low and the work was difficult.

The workers had to breathe thick black smoke and dust. Hundreds of men became sick. Many died. John Henry was the strongest and fastest man involved in the project. He used a hammer that weighed more than six kilograms. Some people say he was able to cut a path of three to six meters a day. That July was the hottest month ever in West Virginia.

Many workers became tired and weak in the heat. John Henry was concerned his friends might lose their jobs. So, he picked up their hammers and began doing their work. One week, he did his own work and that of several other steel-drivers.

He worked day and night, rarely stopping to eat. The men thanked John Henry for his help. He has just got to do his best.