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Not the shinniest marble in the box, i just wanted to hit stuff. The guide, whilst i'm glad it exists, is like words long.

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Does anyone know of a simpler explaination of what needs to be done here please? Preferably an annotated pic of the map. Last edited by Zarquon ; 6 Oct, am. Watch carefully which door it opens. Not up, not right, but left - thats the one you are probably missing. Omega13 View Profile View Posts.

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Yeah this guide is hot garbage. Lots of references to areas by landmarks that may not be around anymore by the time you look up the guide I don't remember which damned rooms had cyclopes in them.

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If they just had one map with the switches marked on it they could have saved so much time. Thanks to the helpful people here I was able to solve this most frustrating puzzle. The guide made it worse for me. This is a quick and dirty map. I'll try to improve upon it and make a guide in the next day or two if I can bear revisiting the place to confirm things :D Sorry, just wasn't my kind of puzzle. I like that they went to the effort though. Last edited by raubrey ; 15 Oct, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 30 Sep, pm.

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Despite opposition from a section of Japanese generals, he convinced them to the condition that the Azad Hind Fouj would be the first to step on Indian soil. It seems impossible that all this could be achieved by one man. But Netaji made it possible. He is outstanding and extra-ordinary not only as a man committed to the idea of gaining freedom for his country but also as an intelligent and fine human being," Benegal explains.

His uncle Ramesh Benegal, recounts the director, triggered in him the adoration for Netaji from his boyhood days. He was chosen by Netaji along with 34 Indian boys, who were sent to Tokyo to train to be fighter pilots in the Military Academy there. But it turned out to be a lost cause ultimately when he became a POW and was released only after the INA trials in He is probably the only INA man who was taken into the defence services in India.

He joined the Indian Air Force, became a fighter pilot, and won two Mahavir Chakras, retiring as a highly decorated officer," Benegal reminisces.


A R Rahman has composed the music. The soundtrack of the film features 19 pieces composed by Rahman, including 13 instrumentals and orchestral themes, in addition to six further songs, with lyrics by Javed Akhtar. Rahman's Afghanistan war theme and the use of ekla chalo re , the famous Tagore number, the nursery song ghoom parani invoking the sentiments present in the mother-son relationship and desh ki mitti are especially memorable.

Shama Zaidi and Atul Tiwari have packed a wealth of excitement, adventure and information into the film.

Art director Samir Chanda, costume designer Pia Benegal and make-up man expert Vikram Gaikwad then worked to give the places and characters a look of authenticity and worked out the minutest details. Cinematographer Rajan Kothari shot the film capturing ably, the vast canvas of its history, geography and political ambience just before India's independence from British rule. The research team explored all available material, interviewed the people alive such as Netaji's Japanese interpreter, then in his late eighties.

The research includes the discovery of the only U-Boat left out of the total of 10, produced under Hitler we used for one of our shoots. It is now an antique fit for a museum of history, not sea-worthy in the least. Fortunately, the model we got was in the same model Netaji actually sailed in. We managed a model for underwater sequences in Sussex in England," informs Benegal. The team shot in Burma and as shooting in Afghanistan was not possible for logistical reasons, Uzbekistan was chosen as a substitute.

The Burma shoot was very important in all places where Netaji worked including the 80,acre Ziawadi estate that still has around 80 to 90 villages consisting exclusively of Indians who have been living there for more than years. The people remember him well, and when we asked for locals to come in, 10, wanted to join.

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Very old men brought in their pay books showing their salary slips of the INA - Rs. But we could not find a single aircraft used during the Second World War for shooting. So we had to generate them on computer," adds Benegal. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose - The Forgotten Hero is characterised by a complete lack of loud and bombastic rhetoric, a common feature of most nationalist and biographical films made on national heroes. Its central focus is on the man behind the hero, the human being behind the mask of the national leader, a true lover of his country dedicated to get it liberated from foreign rule.

On the sea, the companions encountered pirates and the daedric cultists, but during a storm the ships crashed onto the shore.

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  • Laaneth nowhere to be found and was assumed to have died, either by the crash or by spriggans , who lived close to the crash site. After the companions had beaten the spriggans, they continued their search for Laaneth. They found her, along with some cultists, in an ancient ruin. The Hero and his companions rescued Laaneth from the creatures inhabiting the ruins. Laaneth had learned that the cult was secretly led by Lord Naarifin.

    To bring about The Culling, he intended to sacrifice all the inhabitants of the Imperial City.


    In order to reach the Emperor and inform him of Naarifin's plot, they had to go to Skyrim. Upon their arrival in Skyrim they were told by the local Nords where to find the Legion. While the companions were searching for the Legion, a group of Nordic Imperial deserters blocked their way. The deserters were running from Legate Cassia. When the deserters were beaten, Legate Cassia joined the hero and his companions. After informing the Emperor of Lord Naarifin's plan, the companions went to the Imperial City Arena , posing as gladiators in order to infiltrate the city. After their infiltration, they went through crypts until they reached the White-Gold Tower.