Juxtaposed Darkness: Poems of depressions, self-injury, and the search for hope

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Analysis of Baseball. May Swenson.

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Appeared in Poetry Magazine In Baseball. Baron Wormser. Gail Mazur.

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Baseball and Classicism. Tom Clark. Every day I peruse the box scores for hours Sometimes I wonder why I do it. Dreams and Fantasies.

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Baseball imagery seeps up from the subconscious. A Poem about Baseballs.

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Denis Johnson. Lisa Olstein. Off-field, outside the park, beyond the gates, something was burning. Stuart Dybek. Bushes, a double, off the fence, triple, and over, home run. Grand Slam. Marjorie Maddox. Dad Days. Fathers, sons, and daughters on the field and in the stands. David Bottoms. Poem for My Father. Quincy Troupe. Carole Oles. Bad People.

Juxtaposed Darkness: Poems of Depressions, Self-Injury, and the Search for Hope

Mark Halliday. Spectators Sporting. Watching the game becomes a sport unto itself. The crowd at the ball game. William Carlos Williams.

Juxtaposed Darkness : Poems of Depressions, Self-Injury, and the Search for Hope

So in detail they, the crowd, are beautiful. Paul Blackburn. Findings: These programs reduce stigma and enhance empathy, as the creative arts enhance public mental health literacy. Teaching utilizing the creative arts assists secondary and tertiary students to understand the scope and importance of these disorders. The clinical teaching of psychiatry can be enhanced through the media of the creative arts. Autism is diagnosed more frequently in boys than in girls at rates of approximately The rates of diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder ASD are reported to be increasing, possibly as the result of increased awareness of the condition or as a result of improved diagnostic tools.

This may be because girls present differently from boys, having better social skills and a more developed sense of empathy. The workshop will consider many diagnoses that are often considered before the diagnosis of autism is made, such as social anxiety disorder, borderline and schizoid personality disorder and schizophrenia, through the use of de-identified case studies and vignettes.

Different diagnostic instruments for autism and their appropriateness for use with girls and women will be discussed. At the end of the workshop, participants will feel confident about including a diagnosis of ASD in their diagnostic repertoire. Objectives: The workshop will provide opportunities for the attendees to consider how a range of leadership and management issues and challenges could be effectively approached and managed.

The workshop will demonstrate how senior psychiatrists experienced in leadership and management deal with a range of scenarios.

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Attendees will be provided with scenarios of leadership and management issues, challenges and dilemmas. The workshop panel will lead and facilitate discussion of the scenarios and provide advice on how these could be best managed. Background: Psychiatry is a high-demand environment with significant levels of responsibility for serious clinical outcomes. The beyondblue National Mental Health Survey of doctors found unacceptably high levels of depression, anxiety and burnout symptoms in both medical staff and medical students.

Objectives: In this workshop, the pathways to burnout will be explained using recent advances in knowledge from the neuroscience of stress physiology. Methods: This half-day workshop will be divided into two parts with a theoretical overview followed by a more practical session focusing on some short mindfulness practices to use in our everyday working lives as psychiatrists and trainees. The practices and strategies are derived from mindfulness courses that Maura Kenny specifically designed for medical staff and which have been trialled in more than healthcare professionals to date in the Australian context.

Findings: Data from these mindfulness courses demonstrate reductions in stress and anxiety and were retained at follow-up. Conclusions: Mindfulness approaches that foster resilience, compassion and well-being are increasingly being taught within healthcare settings, and the benefits for staff have been demonstrated in numerous research trials nationally and internationally. This half-day workshop will focus on the elements of medico-legal report construction.

The group will be highly interactive with participants drafting and discussing the elements of successful reports. Dr McVie and Dr Chalk have both run successful workshops on medico-legal report writing. This course is aimed more at sharpening the skills that participants have already acquired. The workshop will be a practical guide to the formulation and expression of opinion with a focus on avoiding the common pitfalls that render reports open to challenges.

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Both civil and criminal reports will be discussed. Background: Mental health professionals treating traumatised patients are exposed to the risk of vicarious trauma as neurobiological mechanisms transfer trauma between patient and therapist. Self-care is often overlooked. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Interventions for Trauma and Attachment, New York: Norton, sensorimotor psychotherapy intervention techniques for trauma therapy, participants will learn to apply techniques to promote reparative moments.

Conclusions: Participants will increase their understanding of the neurobiological mechanism involved in vicarious trauma, learning to apply clinical techniques to increase chances for reparative moments and self-care while reducing the risks of vicarious trauma. Background: Perinatal mental health is fundamental to mental and physical health outcomes throughout life. The symposium focuses on cultural underpinnings of perinatal issues and moves to a practical understanding of advances in therapies for perinatal women. Intervening with this population promotes mental health.

Increasing the knowledge of psychiatrists in this area is vital to clinical practice and to informing policy at government levels. Methods: Four presenters will summarise recent findings about approaches that benefit the understanding of perinatal families and discuss proposals for future policies. Findings: Solid evidence exists that intervention in the perinatal period, which includes infants, returns significant gains for families and society. The existing programs can be expanded to include treatment of a range of mental health issues.

Group programs show promise.


Conclusions: Expertise exists in psychiatry to intervene early and effectively in perinatal families by identifying illness within cultural norms, educating a wider range of primary care practitioners, providing targeted care and influencing government policy. Pregnancy and motherhood have always had deep cultural meanings, and each culture has different rituals attached to the perinatal period. There is no part of the world where psychiatric disorders in the perinatal period have not been reported. However, the labelling of these disorders depends on explanatory models related to them which may influence help seeking and treatment acceptance.

In some cultures, there may be a tendency to normalise mental health problems in the postpartum as expected reactions, whereas, in others, mental health problems may be attributed to diet, the absence of prescribed rituals in pregnancy and the postpartum, and the evil eye or to being possessed by spirits.

Indeed, culture may also influence psychopathology and clinical presentation such as the content of delusions and hallucinations.