Issues in Green Building and the Federal Response: An Introduction

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Using a permaculture inspired approach, the design included integrated design solutions for sustainability and resiliency as well as education and workforce development models in all aspects of redevelopment. Alternative financing and ownership models including Community Land Trusts and Cooperative and employee owned enterprises would build the local economy and provide for the dramatic improvement of quality of life without the threat of displacement of current residents. As green building enthusiasts in Pennsylvania, we do not always recognize good news coming from the state capital.

Yet there are exciting developments emerging statewide and locally on clean energy policy. Many upgrades fail to reflect improvements in the soft costs that often dwarf the energy savings and associated operating cost reductions. Enhanced building performance improves tenant attraction and retention, occupant satisfaction, enhances worker productivity, builds net operating income, and raises facility value.

Buildings with enhanced performance are also safer to operate and occupy, and carry less risk. If lowering your capital and operating costs will enable you to invest in your business, and reap more from your investment, then this webinar is a must!


The owner and project team wanted a building that went beyond just positive energy and also included a focus on feng shui, responsible stormwater management, and an educational experience for occupants on how the building saves energy and how it generates energy from three different PV strategies. Learn how the project team, owner, and occupants worked together to design, construct, and monitor the building as it completes its performance period. In this webinar, attendees will gain an understanding of the factors that need to be considered when designing for positive energy from the perspectives of the architect, engineer, owner, and occupants.

As many as 70 percent of Pennsylvanians cannot benefit from solar energy due to the shading of their roofs; they may be renters, or may not qualify for conventional financing. This webinar will help participants understand the issues involved, diving into the details of how community solar can be implemented statewide.

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This has significant benefits for multi-family building owners, small businesses, and residential customers, offering the promise of switching to clean, renew- able energy, while also reducing cost. Over the course of just two days in , hundreds of Vermont homes were destroyed during Hurricane Irene.

The disproportionate effect of the storm on low-income Vermonters and mobile home residents inspired a call to action. As a result of a collaborate effort, the ZEM Program now provides low- and moderate-income homeowners with a comfortable, healthy, affordable, and above all, resilient housing option. In , CR Magazine published a list of the most sustainable corporate headquarters. On the list were leading companies including Saint-Gobain CertainTeed.

As the U.

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The way we grow, especially how and where we grow, will have a profound effect on our planet and its inhabitants. Imagine a city block or a college campus sharing resources from building to building, growing food, and functioning without a dependency on fossil fuel-based transportation.

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Imagine true sustainability in our homes, workplaces, neighborhoods, villages, towns and cities: Socially Just, Culturally Rich, and Ecologically Restorative. These are the goals of the Living Community Challenge. Hear about the overall intent of the Challenge, and some codified ways to make these abstract goals a reality for your planning project. Within walking-distance of every citizen, imagine infill nature-playspaces layering programs, including biophilia and stormwater management, into a citywide collection of veneer installations.

The agile nature of these play designs, layered over concrete lots, leverages salvaged materials, optimizes stormwater management, and simplifies ongoing code compliance. Transforming public school playgrounds into nature-based play yards can mitigate non-academic barriers to learning, like violence and trauma. Learn how a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, researchers, information technology specialists, designers, and play specialists are collaborating to learn how play elements influence behavior and physical activity.

Competitive RFPs provide an illusion of cover for boards and shareholders, but they rarely yield the best fit or the best cost. The challenge addresses regenerative design, material transparency, and biomimicry. Speakers will describe the process for developing a preparedness strategy for climate impacts and discuss specific strategies for dealing with vulnerable assets in the face of climate change. Health and well-being are rapidly emerging as important issues for the real estate industry. While there are shining examples of health promotion from market leaders, health considerations have yet to permeate the real estate market.

To support the real estate industry in its pursuit of health promotion, organizations at the project and portfolio scales are working to create processes to promote health at the project level and invest in health at the portfolio level. This panel brings together three important perspectives to give green building practitioners practical processes and tools to promote health and well-being through the design of green building projects and the business of property companies and funds.

This webinar explores how a shift in design philosophy allows project teams to look beyond first-cost in order to achieve ambitious goals on healthy, high performance built environments. Presenters will share examples of how to get the best results and lessons learned when building to the highest standards. Webinars On Demand. Learn about green building and sustainability concepts at your convenience!

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Register next. The president elect is openly hostile to climate change […]. Trainings in the principles of the program began in August. Green roofs, also known as living roofs take all that otherwise underutilized space and turn it into something useful. The green building industry has, as a whole, grown tremendously over the past five years, and so have we […].

LEED has recently introduced a pilot credit to that aims to help eliminate illegally sourced wood from the supply chain. The vast majority of new LEED buildings have not pursued this credit, however.

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  4. This new pilot credit offers an alternate […]. Concrete is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of green building materials, but given that concrete is the most common building material in the world, making the concrete manufacturing process greener is extremely important. Manufacturing the portland cement that binds concrete together is a serious CO2 emitter and energy consumption hog, and replacing a portion of portland cement […]. San Francisco just became the first major US city to mandate solar panel installation on new construction.

    In Southern California, El Nino has been a disappointment, but parts of the state have been thoroughly drenched. On one unspecified day in February, the ,th electric car was sold in the state of California, which is home to about half of all electric cars in the United States.

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    Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order in March, establishing a path to 1. Forecasts […]. These standards are designed to achieve energy efficiency and improve indoor and outdoor air quality. The Building Energy Efficiency Standards cover new construction and construction on existing commercial and residential buildings in the state except for hospitals, nursing homes, and correctional facilities […]. WELL is the first certification […].

    The solar power industry in Nevada experienced something of a rollercoaster this past December. The federal government, despite fears to the contrary, maintained the federal solar investment tax credit at 30 percent. Username Password Forgot password? Shibboleth OpenAthens. Restore content access Restore content access for purchases made as guest. There are no offers available at the current time.

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