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I thank you, my dear friend, for your interest in me on the occasion of my slight illness which would seem much more serious than it really was to your thoughtful eyes looking at it from m[ile]s away. I am thankful on many accounts on those you mention not the least so that my constitution seems perfectly sound and that my prospects of life and vigor seem excellent for a man of my age.

What should go into it is a grave point—I should say: Let us put in as far as possible the best things that are not now accessible to the English reader: 1. Sarrazin of course 2. I am not so sure about the Ingersoll piece as that now is in fair shape already 3. I think we should have a translation of Knortz piece do you know it? Of course I would like to have my piece in and would overhaul it carefully 5. If we could have at least a part of Rudolph Schmidt's piece—Danish—it would be well 6.

Then Kennedy's Dutch piece 7. Rolleston's German piece should be seriously considered etc. Of course all the pieces would need careful editing. Each at present has a biographical section which would have to come out and so on. What, too, would you think 8. Now-a-days few, I fancy, even see it and it is fine.

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Of course your N[ew] E[ngland] Mag. You will think they are never coming—but they are! We shall I think have the first batch in the course of next week. All will yet be right—a little patience, that is all that is wanted.

Best and kindest wishes and regards to you RM Bucke. I read it yesterday and return it this morning. It is vivid, natural, and worthy of your great friend and of yourself. The Colonel is averse to having others write about him. He may approve it if you are the biographer. I wish he would. I could not, in any way, be a party, however, in bringing it about—hence could not furnish the materials, etc. Hope you are well and happy these days. You ought to be.

Rory’s Book-Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life

You deserve to be. Yrs faithfully Baker W. Found Harned sitting there with Walt. Not without willingness to laugh and joke, however.

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The "Good-Bye My Fancy" manuscript on the bed. Was it ready yet? I picked it up. No letter from Bucke today. Talked over the Sherman funeral briefly. Johnston today. As for me—I should say—let us do with it as with Christianity, immortality, all that: range the evidence along in a line—full, exact—then not decide: accept Bob's favorite attitude—I don't know! For myself—I hesitate to give judgment—I let all that rest—to make itself up for each mind. There is so much each way! Gave me the Ellis book "The New Spirit".


I trust the spring which is now near will set you up again. We have been here all winter. I have been busy with my pen, turning out pot-boilers, nothing else.

I shall keep an eye out for your N[orth] A[merican] article. I see it in the reading rooms in Po'keepsie. It is surprising how much heresy these papers can stand. I think they secretly like it. I see nothing in the literary horizon, no coming poet or philosopher. My opinion is that life is becoming pretty thin.

Most of the magazine poetry is utterly barren. It is like poor mortar—too much sand for the lime. I am in a hurry to see spring.

The Logan Files Series by M.W. Huffman

I want to taste the earth again. The ground here has been deeply covered since early in Dec. With much love John Burroughs "Nothing particular in it," W. I should never associate the idea of death with such a man. Then, "I am at last about ready with the book: you have urged me to it. I will let you have the first copy Monday morning.

It is wonderful, the disposition of the human critter to postpone, to put off: to postpone and postpone—then to think and postpone again—and after all the arguments are in and more too, to find new temptations to postponement, and all that indefinitely.

It will be my last volume—my finale—without a doubt. I know it is not impossible there may be another volume still—but it is not likely—it is not a thing within any reasonable likelihood. So this will really be my good-bye! My first point will be to get all the batch of copy—the poetry—into galleys at once: it probably would fill about four—I want to read that division with some sort of continuity. I wonder if the country there grows many such?

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Open Court review of Ingersoll's Whitman [lecture] almost avoids mention of Whitman himself. I have written Johnston and Wallace—telling them this. But after all, I guess you are right. I left Chadwick's manuscript reply to my "spirituality" paragraph in last Conservator.

It is a great account. At 5th and Chestnut this afternoon I had passed a man so like O'Connor I paused and looked after him as long as he was in sight. When I told this to W. So like him?

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To me it always had infinite meanings. What did W. You know, of course, he was an Englishman—came to this country—went to Kansas. You have heard the descriptions of the typical New England woman—that she had 'views.