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However, you will not regret any cent. You will not find a more exciting and dangerous place to visit. You will never be closer to a living historical monument. For more convenience of our international clients, all prices are represented in Euros. The price for our Chernobyl tours from Kyiv depends on the certain parameters. Approximately, one person will pay from 90 to Euros.

Each tour cost from UK includes the rent of equipment, transfer from Kiev, service of an experienced sights man, meals, and insurance. The story of this place is still painful for the citizens of Kyiv region and Ukraine.

The lesson of this horrible disaster must not be forgotten. The best way to imprint it into mind is getting an excursion from Kiev to the Chernobyl Zone. Of course, there is no need to forget about great service, convenience, and safety. Chernobyl tours Military tours Shooter tour. Get Your Dose of Adrenaline. Our advantages:. The most popular tours.

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Military tours Kyiv region. Shooter tour Kyiv region. All tours. Visit the Zone of Chernobyl Safe and exciting Chernobyl tours from Kyiv sounded oddly in the nearest past. You can pick the most convenient tour: Make a one day Chernobyl tour from Kyiv or stay in the Zone for a long time up to six days ; Order an individual excursion, join a group, or arrange a private group trip; Pick a comfortable date of your Chernobyl trip from UK; Select additional activities like armored vehicles rides or shooting range.

The Chernobyl Tour Price Considering that this city is one of the most exciting places in Kyiv region, Ukraine, and the whole of Europe, the price may seem high. We have already visited. Submit application.

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Our partners. Each morning, tour buses queue at the entry checkpoint where a souvenir shop plastered with nuclear warning symbols peddles neon keyrings and radiation suits. In fact, the dangers are minimal. Along their tightly demarcated routes, these visitors will be exposed to less radiation than during a routine x-ray.

The motivations of the modern stalkers are complex, and speak to the national trauma that resulted from a tragedy whose effects will be felt for generations. The name originates from the Russian science fiction novel Roadside Picnic. Beyond youthful rebellion, the motivations of the modern stalkers are complex, and speak to the national trauma that resulted from a tragedy whose effects will be felt for generations. And now there is another side to the practice.

Safety trips to Chernobyl from UK with StalkerWay

I joined one such tour in an effort to discover why visitors might chose a stalker over an official guide. Can a subculture that is so tied to deep wells of personal and national loss really offer something of value to an outsider? We meet in a bar, awaiting our stalker, Kirill Stepanets.

Having first visited Chernobyl at the age of 21, Kirill has completed over illegal trips to the Zone. When he arrives, he is tall and fair, with long stubble and a round face.

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His frameless glasses bounce in unison with jovial, shifting facial expressions. He is not the stoic, battle-scarred individual I had pictured. Nobody knows the exact implications of getting caught for a foreigner; the least we can expect is a jail cell. The van delivers us to the head of a dark, sandy trail.

Neon-green fireflies pulse gently around us as we creep past a police checkpoint. Nobody can see us now. Our destination for the night is a small village left uninhabited for 32 years — bar the occasional stalker.

Foliage reaches into open windows and paint crinkles away from brickwork. Most of the roofs are sunken or collapsed, having succumbed to the weight of three decades of decay. The house we enter is in better shape, although inside there is little sign of its former residents.

Gone are their possessions, furniture, radiators, even wiring. A thick layer of chalky dust covers the floors. My thoughts turn again to Roadside Picnic. Parallels are easily drawn between Chernobyl stalkers and those from the novel, not least their high tolerance of risk. One such risk is ingesting strontium, a radioactive particle found in soil, water, and wild food from the Zone.

The body absorbs strontium as calcium, potentially leading to bone cancer decades later. Despite this, videos of stalkers consuming water and fruit from the Zone emerge regularly. In our case, guides from official tours would hide supply caches for us to recover. But this, as we were to discover, brought its own risks.

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Darmon and I wait in silence between the trees, not knowing what has become of Kirill, Steve, and Bradley. The glare of torches breaks through the trees.

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  4. I lie against the forest floor, paranoid that my every breath is bringing strontium particles drifting into my mouth. The guard came out, but we ran. We unpack the supplies and I ask Kirill if he is OK. Kirill gives a dismissive wave of his hand. Unlike the theatre of official tours, here the stakes are real. You evade capture, or you go to jail. You have bottled water, or you roll the radiation dice. As the adrenaline wears off, I struggle to remember a time I had felt more tense, or more exhilarated. This combination, of course, is part of the attraction of stalking: unlike the theatre of official tours, here the stakes are real.

    You have bottled water, or you roll the strontium dice. The following day, we hike through vast meadows and wild forests. Eagles swoop low, deer run freely, wild boar grunt, and insects bustle. In the midst of this natural utopia, the crippled artefacts of humanity reveal themselves: a road sign, a field gate, a crumbling storehouse. Reminders that, once upon a time, this land was part of the empire of the Soviet Union.

    Channing Tatum files restraining order against alleged stalker who hid in his home for 10 days

    Kirill wanders ahead, spinning and jabbing a stick he acquired to clear a path through the spiderwebs. He stops next to a tree with huge red apples hanging from it, picks one and bites into it. It occurs to me that Kirill was born four years after the disaster and just one year before the USSR collapsed.

    All he knows of that state is the turmoil that followed.

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    Walking freely among the poisoned ruins of the great empire that shaped his world, perhaps the trauma of its collapse is easier to comprehend. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, lax security and endemic corruption have meant the Zone is easy to penetrate. Looters, metal thieves, poachers, and loggers are commonplace. The soil there is so contaminated that even the police are not allowed to intervene, making it the perfect place to conceal something you never want discovered.

    We wait until dark before setting off towards Pripyat.


    My last group moved like cattle. A sliver of moon illuminates the tarmac. Above me, glistening, unpolluted stars keep my mind from the fact that, once again, I am out of water just when I need it most. We round a corner and Kirill stops.