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In addition, CSS offers a full range of support services for pregnant mothers and their newborn children. Operating these programs and services at this cost would not be possible without the generous support of donors. Contribution to the Benefit will help fund programs that enable children to develop and thrive , and that strengthen families so that their children receive the loving support necessary for them to realize brighter futures.

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All of the money raised supports children charities of Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Offering academic support for kids in a safe environment after school.

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  • Helping youth realize their full potential. Keeping kids safe and active during the summer. Out-of-School-Time OST Programs enrich the lives of students by providing afterschool academic support and a variety of cultural and recreational activities that serve as outlets to showcase their talents and skills.

    Your support makes a difference. Presents Given at the Christmas Gala. A year-long initiative.

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    In addition, the Archdiocese has often paid for counseling to help victims. In some cases the Archdiocese also reached settlements. To my knowledge, these settlements never included a prohibition on the victim reporting the abuse to legal authorities or to anyone else.

    Archbishop of St. Louis: I Had No Idea Sex With Children Was Illegal!

    Some victims feel that we have not done enough. There is no way to fully repair damage done to a child.

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    While we continue to deal with the child abuse in the past, the Archdiocese remains focused on preventing abuse now and in the future. I believe that the policies, procedures and recommendations in the Decree on Child Abuse of and its updates of and have contributed to a safe environment for children of the Archdiocese for more than a decade. If you have not been trained in the provisions of this decree as a volunteer or employee, I urge you to familiarize yourself with them.

    You may obtain a copy of the decree on the Web at www. I cannot promise you that there will not be new accusations in the future.

    Kansas archbishop responds to criticism over school not enrolling child

    I can only promise that we will continue to enforce our Decree on Child Protection, that we will continue to try to make it better, and that we will remove from ministry any priest, deacon, lay employee or volunteer against whom there is a credible allegation. Please continue to pray for me and for my collaborators in ministry that we have wisdom and strength in dealing with this challenge in the years ahead.

    And pray that the Lord will give us the faith and hope we need to see His hand in all this. Navigate to